Orientation Training of New Employee

To help newcomers adapt to our environment and culture soon, we’ll hold orientation training sessions to establish the common working value and attitude when the newcomers report for duty.

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Training and Certification

The senior employees are required to assist newcomers to learn professional knowledge and skills after their assignment. We also hold qualifying examinations regularly to develop employees’ correct cognition and safe working behavior, so as to keep the good quality of products.






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Professional Training

We have a series of training programs including foundation and advanced curriculums to strengthen our technical engineers’ knowledge of  printed circuits and relevant manufacturing process.

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Internal Instructor Training

In order to carry on and share professional knowledge, experience and technique availably, we train our supervisors and professional colleagues to become internal training instructors.   They will be certificated and recognized as important promoters for company development.

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Management Skill and Leadership Training

We organize a series of management training programs periodically to build up management skills and leaderships.  We build up managers’ management abilities to make company goals attainable.

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