Why Choose Headpcb

Focus on core competencies
We deeply know the market is full of fierce competition for our customers. Thus it is more important to focus on core competencies like research & development, sales & marketing for you.Because of our professional performance and expectation exceeding service, our customers rely on Headpcb to handle all their printed circuit projects.

Cutting-edge technology to handle your custom or complex PCB requirements
It is much rational for Small & Medium-sized customers to hanker for the latest equipment and manufacturing expertise for their PCBs.By the partnerships with Headpcb, you gain access to reach this in our two factory bases with over 15,000 square meters.
Save cost to increase your profitability and competitiveness
Cost sometimes becomes the key point for our customers' products competitiveness.Headpcb always strives to reduce its manufacturing cost from all aspects and finally increase their profitability. Our customers are happy with our cost savings but without quality loss.
Hassle-free and save your troubles
We love your prototypes,small orders or orders with lots of hassles. Don't get headache with these now because you 
have Headpcb to solve all the problems and troubles for you.
Save time and On-time delivery
The markets ask for very quick products updating. No matter from prototype to standard production,quick turn or scheduled deliveries, Headpcb always works fast and flexible to save your time.
An excellent team with  15+ years' experience
When you choose a supplier, you should always see if they are a trustworthy partner with passion, discipline, responsibility and honesty. Headpcb is the right team here as your own power.



         Two Different Factory
           Reliable Raw Materials
               Excellent Quality
Two factofies meet your prototype and mass production needs.Shenzhen factory is for quick turn prototype and small batch orders,the inner land factory is for medium and mass production where the labour and water,energy is more cheap,so we can offer the most competive price in the market.  
All our board use grade A material,we have long term partnership with Shengyi and KB,so we can get stable and sufficient base laminate supplying,to avoid the price fluctuation.All the ink material and copper ball,Tin are from the famous supplier.
  Over 15 years' quality reputation of PCB/FPC fabrication for more 2000 customers all over the global. We put 20% of the profit every year into R&D and equipment upgrade,make us armed with sophisticated testing equipment, to ensure stable quality.

              On-time Delivery 
                     Fair Pricing
          Satisfied After Sales Service
Through the years we are proud to have been keeping an on-time delivery rate of 99%. We work in three shifts to make sure your PCBs will be on your desk as scheduled and as early as possible. You may choose DHL and other courier services for the balance of speed and budget. We only use services from dependable and reputable companies.   Our pricing structure is transparent and has no hidden cost in it. Our price is one of the most competitive in the world, and is just a fraction of what other American or European fabricators normally charge you. Even many price-sensitive customers like students and hobbyists largely rely on us for their PCB prototype, low-volume fabrication. We try our utmost to save your money and time.   Dissatisfaction does occur from time to time. In case our PCB are not usable due to our fault, we will take the responsbility for compensation.
We have more than 20 proffesional after sale service engineers,providing 24 hour after sales service.When the PCB occur a problem,you just need to send our CS engineer the pictures and a detail discrition,our CS will reply to you in 2 hours.


Move your production to Headpcb Today.