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What are the hazards of Galvanic effect in PCB immersion silver process?

Tuesday,Mar 12,2019

Normally, displacement reaction will happened between silver and copper, the low potential elements are oxidized by high-potential elements (electrons lost), while the high potential elements are electron-reduced by getting electrons. In the sinking silver cylinder, Ag ions are electron-reduced in this reaction (2Ag+ + 2e → 2Ag), and copper is oxidized to lose electrons (Cu-→Cu2++2e-). Thus, the oxidation of copper and the reduction of silver ions proceed simultaneously to form a uniform silver plating layer, as shown in the above reaction formula and Figure1 below.


Sunday,Jan 06,2019

COUNTER SINK VS COUNTERBORECOUNTER SINK Countersinking is done by making a cone shaped hole which allows a flat head fastener to sit flush when installed. This prevents any snagging or damage from the top of the fastener, which can happen if it isn t flush to the surface. With wood if you don t countersink and force the screw into the surface it will not only look bad, but the stability of the wood will be compromised. The wood can crack and split from the screw being forced and the fibers become damaged and dented. Countersinking also allows you to have all your screws at the same consistent depth.

Resin plug application and process

Wednesday,Dec 26,2018

With the development of miniaturization of assembly components, the layout area and pattern design area of PCBs have also been continuously reduced, and PCB manufacturers are constantly updating the production process to conform to the development trend. The application of the resin plugging process has also become more and more extensive, and it has been used in HDI panels.

Immersion gold VS Plating gold

Wednesday,Dec 26,2018

There are several surface treatment for PCB board: bare board (no treatment on the surface), rosin board, OSP (Organic Solderability Preservatives), HASL (lead tin, lead-free tin), plating gold, immersion gold, etc , these are relatively conscious treatment Many people can t tell the difference between plating gold and immersion gold, thinking that it is the same thing, it is a big mistake The following is a brief introduction to the difference between plating gold and immersion gold

Chinese New Year 2019 - time to prepare for your PCB production!

Tuesday,Dec 25,2018

Chinese New Year 2019 - time to prepare! The public Chinese New Year holidays 2019 are February 4th through to February 10th. As this is a nationwide national holiday it affects all production, and we are preparing action plans to find different ways of working around disruptions. All our efforts are always focused on your production, and our Management team will be manned during the whole Chinese New Year. But despite all the precautions we are taking, it could be good to think ahead and plan for the Chinese New Year to avoid disruption in your production.

One article take you to know AL-based board

Friday,Dec 14,2018

The aluminum-based board is a unique metal-based copper-clad aluminum substrate with good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and machinability. At present, ceramics, copper are generally high in heat conductivity, but most of the current market is aluminum substrates due to cost considerations. (1) Heat dissipation At present, many double-layer and multi-layer boards have high density, high power and difficult for heat dissipation. Conventional printed board substrates such as FR4 and CEM3 are poor conductors of heat, which are insulated between layers and heat is not emitted.

Why do you need Stiffeners on Flex PCB?

Tuesday,Dec 11,2018

Flex PCBs are thin, light weight and easy bending, this gives much difficulty in the process of component assembly Stiffenersare used to reinforce those areas where components will be assembled There are many different material can be used as stiffeners, like polyimide, kapton, FR-4, A

Welcome to visit our booth 165-7 Hall A1 at electronica 2018!

Friday,Nov 09,2018

Electronica 2018 will beheld from 13th-16th, November in Neue Messe München | Messegelände, 81823 München, Germany. Headpcb will attend this exhibition, welcome to visit our booth 165-7 hall A1, we will here wait for you!Waitting for you here to have a good communications about PCB, donn’t hesitate to talk with us!

What are the biggest challenges in starting a hardware company?

Wednesday,Oct 17,2018

Hardware company is used too broadly Both Square and SpaceX arehardwarecompanies, but with very different challenges It’s like lumping together enterprise Saas, social apps, and AI all together as software companies So I’d think about subcategories and challenges facing each

Plated Half-Holes(Castellated Holes)

Monday,Sep 10,2018

Plated half holes(castellated holes)are holes that made off the edge of the boards plated withcopper using a sp...