Tuesday,Dec 13,2016

PCB BackdrillBackdrill is the process of creating vias by removing the stub in multilayer_ed printed wiring boards...

The Use of Silk Screen Technology in Printed Circuit Board

Tuesday,Nov 08,2016

What is silk-screening?Silkscreen is a layer of ink traces used to identify components, test points, parts of the...

Hand Soldering Tip Temperatures

Tuesday,Oct 18,2016

How hot are you setting your solder iron for hand soldering using solder wire or preforms? If you are cranking up the solder iron temperature because you have transitioned to lead-free solders, think again For both Sn63 and SAC solders, the suggested hand soldering temperature is 315&

PCB Annular rings

Tuesday,Oct 11,2016

PCB Annular ringsA copper ring attached to the surface of a pad around a connecting hole wall.Drill size (Apertu...

How to makes a good PCB Stack-Up?

Wednesday,Sep 21,2016

The following text is reproduced, with permission, from Part 1 of a 6-Part article on PCB Stackup by Henry W. Ott. The original article is available at http: tips.htmlPCB stack-up is an important factor in determining the EMC performance of a product. A good sta...

How and why to plate copper onto PCB?

Wednesday,Aug 17,2016

In Headpcb, we have 2 separate lines for plating process, one is automatic plating line and other one is manual

How important is Dielectric Constant to your PCB Design?

Monday,Jul 25,2016

The board stack-up is probably the most essential piece for ensuring a successfulPCB design Modern high-speed boa


Tuesday,Jun 14,2016

V-ScoringAlso named as V-grooving or V-cutting, V-scoring is way to split circuit boards. It is cuttinga "v "grooveonthetopandbottomofacircuitboardwhileleavingaminimumamount ofmaterialinplacetoholdtheboardstogether.RulesThe spacing between boards is 0mm.Minimum pcb size for V-scoring is 75 x 75mm,maxim...

What is Aspect Ratio in PCB industry?

Wednesday,May 25,2016

In PCB fabrication the aspect ratio is the thickness of a PCB divided by the diameter size of a drilled hole — see Figure 1 below It& 39;s importance relates to the plating process — plating solutions must flow through the hole efficiently in order to achieve acceptablecopper pla

What is Bare-board test(BBT)?

Monday,Apr 11,2016

Unpopulated boards are usually bare-board tested for "shorts" and "opens" A short is a connection between two points that should not be connected An open is a missing connection between points that should be connected For high-volume production a fixture or a rigid needle adapter is