Immersion silver (ImAg) surface finish are viable

Thursday,Oct 17,2019

We are proud to inform you Headpcb extends the number of the surface finish by Immersion silver.

From now we offer the biggest range of the surface finish including HAL PbSn, HAL lead free, Immersion tin, Immersion gold (ENIG), Hard-gold, ImAg in China. Most of them are in-house, some are subcontracted with our reliable partner.

ImAg is suitable mainly for high frequency applications. But is suitable finish even for other materials. Silver is better conductor than gold or copper. It´s thickness is only 0,1 µm so flatness of the board is great and boards with ImAg are easily solderable. That is why is silver often used on higher construction class boards.

Our new technology is the most suitable finish on application where you need conduct high frequency signals. Against ENIG ImAg has missing Nickel (Ni) layer, sometimes known as „signal killer“. It is the best finish for high frequency materials. 

The characteristics of ImAg brings some limitation as well. Genneraly there is shorter period for storaging compare to ENIG/HASL. Silver surface is sensitive on contamination by chlorides and sulfides. We extend our technology by post-dip treatment to avoid previously occuring probelm with blackening (oxidation) or porous surface.