Why do you need Stiffeners on Flex PCB?

Tuesday,Dec 11,2018

Flex PCBs are thin, light weight and easy bending, this gives much difficulty in the process of component assembly Stiffenersare used to reinforce those areas where components will be assembled There are many different material can be used as stiffeners, like polyimide, kapton, FR-4, A

Welcome to visit our booth 165-7 Hall A1 at electronica 2018!

Friday,Nov 09,2018

Electronica 2018 will beheld from 13th-16th, November in Neue Messe München | Messegelände, 81823 München, Germany. Headpcb will attend this exhibition, welcome to visit our booth 165-7 hall A1, we will here wait for you!Waitting for you here to have a good communications about PCB, donn’t hesitate to talk with us!

What are the biggest challenges in starting a hardware company?

Wednesday,Oct 17,2018

Hardware company is used too broadly Both Square and SpaceX arehardwarecompanies, but with very different challenges It’s like lumping together enterprise Saas, social apps, and AI all together as software companies So I’d think about subcategories and challenges facing each

Plated Half-Holes(Castellated Holes)

Monday,Sep 10,2018

Plated half holes(castellated holes)are holes that made off the edge of the boards plated withcopper using a sp...

Comparison of several PCB surface finish types

Monday,Aug 13,2018

Comparison of several PCB surface finish typesAs for the essential proceed in PCB production, the basic purpose of surface treatment is to ensure good solderability or electrical properties. Since copper in nature tends to exist in the form of oxides in the air, it is unlikely to re...

Via-in-Pad PCB

Tuesday,Jul 10,2018

PCB Via-in-PadWhen it comes to Vias, it’s known to us all that Vias can be divided into Through-hole Vias, Blind Vias and Buried Vias. They have different functions.With the development of the electronic products, Vias play a vital role in the interconnection between layers in a...

Guideline for wire bonding

Tuesday,Jun 12,2018

There are two wire bonding processes that are used,Thermosonic (T S)Gold Ball Wire BondingandUltrasonic (U S)Aluminum Wedge Wire Bonding Approximately 90% of all IC Assembly in Semiconductor Packages is manufactured using Gold Ball Bonding process, while Aluminum Wedge Bonding is used to

What is the Advantages of Rigid-Flex PCB?

Tuesday,May 22,2018

WHAT IS RIGID-FLEX PCB?Rigid-flex PCB is a printed circuit consisting of both flexible circuit and rigid circuit This combination is ideal for exploiting the benefits of both flexible and rigid circuits - the rigid circuits can carry all or the bulk of the components, with the flexi

BGA Advantages and Disadvantages

Tuesday,Apr 10,2018

Ball Grid Array orBGAis asurface-mount package(with no leads) utilizing an array of metal spheres (solder balls) for electrical interconnection BGAsolder balls are attached to a laminated substrate at the bottom of the package The die of theBGAis connected to the substrate by wire bondi

How to improve EMC performance on 8 layer PCB design?

Tuesday,Mar 13,2018

8 Layer PCB Stack-up GuidelinesHow to improve EMC performance on 8 layer PCB design?The following text is reproduced, with permission, from Part 4 of a 6-Part article on PCB Stackup by Henry W Ott The original article is available athttp: www hottconsultants com tips htmlAn eight-layer