PCB prices may rise on copper foil shortage in 2018

Friday,Dec 08,2017

With several governments desiring a shift towards cleaner new-energy vehicles, and an all-electric automotive indust...

Plated-through slots

Tuesday,Nov 14,2017

Plated-through slots1. The definition of plated slot For a board, it may contain plated slot or unplated slot. Plated slot means this slot is plated with copper which can be used for electrical connection.2. Pictures to show3. Size of plated slotThe min side of plated slot is 0.5mm...

Which PCB testing method is better for you?

Wednesday,Oct 04,2017

Very often, customers ask details about what kind of testing do we use? How do we charge it? Do I have to pay every time or only for the first time? Isthis testing safer and better than other one? etcIn this blog, let& 39;s discuss the various kind of testing and their advantage

Headpcb attend the CS Show 2017 Debut and Exhibition

Monday,Sep 04,2017

The 4th Shenzhen International Circuit Board Procurement Exhibition (CS Show2017) jointly organized by Shenzhen Prin...

PCB Sideplating

Monday,Aug 21,2017

PCB Sideplating1. The definition of SideplatingSideplating is actually the metalization of the board edge in PCB filed. Edge plating、Border plated、plated contour、side metal, these words can be used too to describe same function.2. Sideplating Process Drilling - Milling plated Slots - Cl...

Press-fit Technology

Thursday,Jul 13,2017

The basic principle of a press-fit connection is that a contact terminal is pressed into a printed circuit board (PCB) There are two types of press-fit pins – the solid pin with a solid press-in zone and the compliant pin with an elastic press-in zone In this article, we&rs

Flexible Printed Circuits: Types, Benefits and its Applications

Tuesday,Jun 13,2017

Introduction:Flex circuits can easily be termed as circuits which are flexible or can flex. Flexible circuits are...

An Introduction to HDI (High Density Interconnector) PCB

Monday,May 08,2017

What are HDI PCBS?HDI PCBs are one of the fastest growing technologies in the field of PCB manufacturing. Anyone...

North American Electronics Business Indicators Continue Upward

Monday,Apr 03,2017

Based on three-month rolling averages, growth in printed circuit board (PCB), electronics manufacturing services (EM...

Knowledge about PCB Panelization

Monday,Mar 13,2017

Designing a PCB forautomatic assemblyand full production runs requires a few design changes from an initial prototype PCB run Today most PCBs are assembled and tested with automated machines from the data from PCB drawing files With up to 80% of a new product& 39;s cost determined